Online Gambling Arizona – A Guide to Online Gambling Arizona

Knowing where and what kind of online casinos you can play at in the United States is difficult. Especially for those who cross state lines and enjoy wagering on the ponies or Blackjack. This is because the circumstances in each jurisdiction vary greatly. From complete prohibitions to tribal regulations, riverbed casinos, and the Las Vegas Strip, the situation is incredibly complex.

Review of Arizona Online Gambling

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive casino reviews, you’ve found the right site. CasinoTop10, which covers land-based and online casinos in the United States, has the best online recommendations, particularly if you’re seeking a casino bonus. In contrast to the United Kingdom, the United States has a decentralized form of government.



This means that while a central government creates federal laws, local laws at the state level are left up to the state, so long as they do not violate federal laws. Gambling is, for the most part, entrusted to the State level of lawmaking. This is why the laws and regulations governing what you can and cannot do vary depending on your location in the United States.


This document will examine the state of Arizona and its local gambling regulations. Establishing what can and cannot be done when wagering online and offline in Arizona, USA! First, let’s examine your legal entitlements to play in the State of Arizona.


Best Arizona Online Casinos

Best Online Casinos in Arizona by CasinoTop10 must:


Local brick-and-mortar casinos offer free-play websites.

Allow only those over the age of 21 to gamble.

There is no legal provision for the operation of online casinos in this state.

Arizona’s Legal Status Regarding Land-Based Casinos, Online Casinos, and Online Gambling

In addition to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is also home to 23 land-based Tribal casinos. Similar to most areas outside of Las Vegas, the Indian Regulatory Gaming Act of 1988 governs legal wagering in Arizona. This allows federally recognized communities to negotiate with local governments regarding the operation of casinos on tribal lands. The state of Arizona is home to 22 nations, 15 of which operate 22 casinos. Arizona’s live gambling activities include horse racing, dog-tracks, slot machines, casino games, Bingo, the lottery, social gaming, and racinos, but not online gambling. On tribal lands in Arizona, most forms of land-based gambling are lawful. As is the case in the majority of states, the legal landscape surrounding online gambling is considerably murkier because legislation has not yet caught up with modern gambling practices. In contrast to Delaware online casinos and New Jersey online casinos (where online gambling is legal), Arizona is more of a gray area, as it is unlawful to use online gambling at Arizona establishments, but there is no mention of online casinos that operate outside of the United States.


In Arizona, gambling is defined as “one act of risking or giving something of value for the chance to obtain a benefit from a game or contest of chance or skill or a future contingent event, but does not include bona fide business transactions that are valid under the law of contracts, such as contracts for the purchase or sale of securities or commodities at a future date.” This is a very broad definition, as it encompasses both games of skill and chance and leaves space for the development of new forms of gambling by excluding business investments, stock market investments, and purchases involving contracts. In essence, gambling is only lawful in Arizona when conducted in accordance with the 1988 Indian Regulatory Gaming Act, regulated and taxed, as this definition supersedes that of the State. Unless you are playing a private game at home, which is defined as social gaming, you are not socially gaming. Social gambling occurs when no participant has an advantage over the others. (such as a house edge, as opposed to their skill level). This is due to the fact that social gaming and gambling are legal so long as “no player receives or becomes entitled to receive any benefit, directly or indirectly, other than the player’s winnings from the gamble.”


Arizona law makes no provision for online gambling, but it does not prohibit citizens from participating at online casinos based outside of the state. Some Arizona Tribal Casinos have established free-play websites as an alternative to launching online casinos. Involvement in the operation or marketing of unlawful gambling is punishable by law as a misdemeanor or felony offense. Overall, participants in Arizona have access to a vast selection of regulated land-based casino and gambling activities, private social gambling (where no one profits other than the winner), free-play online sites, and social gambling sites.

Today’s Land-Based Gambling in Arizona


All land-based casinos and gambling establishments in Arizona are owned and operated by the state’s 22 tribes and are situated on the 27% of the state’s tribal reservations. (more than any other US State). The federal Indian Gaming Act of 1988 recognizes tribal casinos as the prevalent form of gambling outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. To facilitate casino tourism and 24-hour gaming, almost all of Arizona’s land-based casinos are resorts with hotels and continuous entertainment. Caution: gambling is not permitted for minors. Arizona’s permissible gambling age is 21. Here are CasinoTop10’s best five Arizona casinos:


Casino Location Size

Discussion Stick Casino Scottsdale There are 750 slot machines, 57 poker tables, 49 gaming tables, and a racebook at this casino.

Double Arrows Navajo Casino Resort Navajo1,084 machines, four poker tables, eight gambling tables, and one hundred bingo seats

There are 997 slot machines, 20 poker tables, 19 gambling tables, and 600 bingo seats at Casino del Sol in Tucson.

Gila River Komatke has more than 900 slot machines and poker tables.

Harrah’s Maricopa Ak-Chin1,000 slot machines, fifteen poker tables, thirteen gambling tables, and four hundred seventy bingo seats

Arizona is home to six horse racing tracks and two canine racing tracks that offer pari-mutuel betting (pool betting, in which all bets are pooled and divided among the winners). You wager against other players, not the casino, and these establishments are dispersed throughout the state. In addition, a state-run lottery exists. Bingo is also popular in Arizona, with the Gila River Casino setting two world records on the same day for the largest game of Bingo ever played and the largest bingo orbs.


Legal Online Gambling in Arizona

As can be seen, the land-based casino industry in Arizona is thriving, with numerous gaming options and casinos scattered across a vast area of tribal lands. However, the same cannot be said for online casinos in Arizona, as only free-play sites exist at present. The following Arizona casinos have incredible websites where you can play your favorite casino games for free:


Casino del Sol (Double Down Casino)

Sites for the Ak-Chin (Harrah’s Casino), Talking Stick, and Desert Diamond.

What should I know about Arizona’s online casinos and gambling sites?

In Arizona, you must be 21 to wager in person or online.

In Arizona online casinos, only free play and sweepstakes are available for wagering.

State law has no bearing on offshore wagering.

What the laws governing offshore casinos mean for Arizona gamblers

Arizona has no real-money, state-based online casinos, and this situation is not likely to change. Participation is considered a legal grey area because it is not regulated by the law. However, bear in mind that while there is no red light against Arizona participation in offshore online gambling, it has also not been declared legal. However, it is prudent to avoid taking risks and adhere to the available options that are entirely legal. Two attempts to legalize sports betting have been made in 2018 and 2019, and other states are beginning to legalize this type of wagering, so Arizona players should keep an eye on the situation.


Online Casino Games for Arizona

Due to the fact that you can play for free at online Arizona sites, you have access to a vast selection of games at any of the previously mentioned online casino sites, although the majority of these are online slots, immediate games, and other casino classics. Typically, international online casinos feature Online Slots, Card and Table Games, Poker, Bingo, and Live Dealer Games for real money. As they operate in regulated markets where the online industry is flourishing, resulting in massive investment and innovation, international casinos typically offer a wider variety of online games software.


Payment Options at Casinos in Arizona

Any online casino for real money will accept credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and pre-paid options. Regarding e-wallets, observe that Neteller has recently withdrawn from the U.S. market, while PayPal remains the clear frontrunner. Determine which online casino payment method is the most advantageous. These are presently unavailable to Arizona residents.


Online Gambling Arizona FAQs

Is online wagering legal in Arizona?

Arizona law contains no provision for online wagering. This indicates that the territory is a gray area in which no online casinos operate. Arizona is one of the U.S. states where the law does not reflect modern wagering practices and player accessibility.


Can I gamble at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Arizona?

Yes, you can access the aforementioned free play sites via mobile casinos. The majority of online casinos registered outside of Arizona offer mobile play.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

Many online casinos accept USD currency; to locate an online casino that accepts USD, consult the CasinoTop10 best casino reviews.


Are the online casinos listed on this site licensed and regulated?

All of the casinos that CasinoTop10 recommends are completely licensed establishments. We do not recognize or recommend unlicensed casinos because licensing safeguards players by establishing rules that operators must adhere to in order to operate legally.


Am I qualified to obtain a casino bonus from an online casino?

The Arizona free-play sites do not offer casino incentives because they do not accept real money wagers. Nonetheless, international online casinos offer incentives.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Arizona?

Online casinos registered in Arizona offer only free-to-play games, so you cannot wager for real money unless you visit a land-based casino in Arizona.


Which casino deposit methods are prevalent in Arizona?

Cash (at the casino) In Arizona casinos, debit, credit, e-wallet, transfer, and prepaid cards are the most prevalent payment methods.


In Arizona, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

In Arizona, you must pay tax on gambling proceeds. Different rates apply to residents and non-residents. Check with the casino attendant to determine the current tax rate.


Play at a Casino in Arizona and Leave a Winner!

Since Arizona is one of many U.S. states without clear online gambling laws, your best odds are on free-to-play casino sites and sweepstakes casinos. Otherwise, the best locations would be the numerous land-based casinos. In any case, you are guaranteed to appreciate playing these casino classics!

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