Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

The betflix168 เข้าสู่ระบบ gambling business is all about keeping punters in the game until they lose their last dime. Or will it? This article reveals 15 of the most common tricks used around the world to get people to spend more than they plan on.

The 15 best secret casino gimmicks they don’t want publicly revealed
When players wear their best rags and head to a nearby casino, they expect to win a fortune. Unfortunately, this innocent natural desire is a harbinger of future financial catastrophe for many. A lot of hidden things work against visitors there, and if you want to avoid reckless spending, as well as ensure the best odds of earning, you should be aware of them all.

1. Slots are not as generous as they seem
The first things you might see when you enter a casino are probably several slot machines. They are convincing you to start playing soon. Its simplicity attracts newbies, which is probably why the game is so random, as the chance of a bettor winning even a penny is extremely small.

2. Not all games offer equally good odds
Most visitors love slot machines because they are visually appealing and fun, they don’t have to spend a lot at a time, and nobody has to think hard, if at all. If you want to win big, you must get past them and go to the tables. The lowest house edge of all known casino games is awarded by:

Twenty one
They are also easy to learn and fun to play.


3. Some table games are better than others
Of course, not all table games are created equal, and among them, there are some exceptions such as:

three card poker
let it ride
Caribbean Stud
All of these games have the highest house edge rates. People like these table games simply because of their higher payouts, up to 300 to 1. But don’t let these extravagant numbers fool you, a player is likely to lose far more than he could win.

4. Slot machine product placement aims to outperform you
Any casino floor plan has some areas where traffic is the liveliest. These specific zones are the perfect traps for uninformed and casual players, as there, you will only find premium games offering lower RTP and volatility. These places are often:

The hallways near the entrance
Casino pathways to indoor hotels
malls or bars
Don’t let them catch you off guard!

5. Every casino wants you to lose your sense of time
From a bookmaker’s point of view, an ideal player is a person who gambles nonstop — the longer you keep playing slots, the more you spend. So it’s no wonder that you’ll hardly see a window or a clock inside. The interiors are designed to be as dark as possible to prevent a punter from seeing anything that shows time.


6. Different slot machines, different payouts
Newbies will likely be perplexed to find that they, for example, win every hundredth spin on a given slot machine, but their total winnings wouldn’t be that impressive. That’s because the software, which modern equipment is actually based on, is programmed to give you a pre-set chance of winning. If you’re interested in bigger payouts, look for something with a medium RTP and high variance, this type often has tremendous jackpots and max betting options too.

7. If you win big and often, they will notice
Your winnings, being very noticeable and frequent, will draw the attention of security, who will then check if you cheat. Many gambling houses do not allow card counting and if they find signs of this they will add you to a database of unwanted visitors. They, of course, never harass winners because people should sometimes win some money, otherwise no one would want to play.

8. Poker rooms are rarely supervised
Since poker fans compete against each other, not the house, a casino doesn’t put a lot of money at risk. It all depends on the players, as they pay attention to embezzlement better than anyone else. For that same reason, security officials don’t mind keeping a close eye on poker rooms.

9. Jackpots are often shared between many operators
Progressive jackpots that can often reach a value of one million dollars are always distributed in hundreds of casinos. The more people dealing with specific slot machines, the bigger the jackpot. This mega-money is gradually collected from thousands of locations across the country, and online casinos are no exception.

10. Chips are meant to make you bet more
Chips are not perceived as real bills or coins, which makes them perfect for placing bets. A bettor bets more when he is less aware of how much has already been spent.

In major places, especially those in Las Vegas, tokens have special RFIDs, which are embedded inside for security purposes. This RFID allows not only tracking but also deactivating a stolen casino chip.

11. Sounds and visual effects are designed to keep you awake
You’ve probably noticed how many players are mesmerized by the video poker screen or slot machines. This behavior is caused by special animations, music and sounds that each game produces. The longer an individual stays at a machine, the more dollars they leave in a casino.

12. Multiline slots are made to show losses as wins
Multiple paylines can create a false impression that you are winning even if the number of winning lines is less than the number of losing ones. This misperception makes people try more spins.

13. Tease you with incentives just to let you lose more
Offers to double your deposits or give you a few free spins will not increase your odds, they are all designed to lure you in and will take everything they just gave you back. These bonuses give you the feeling that your funds are huge. All bonuses must be wagered and cannot be withdrawn.

14. “Hot” slot machines don’t really exist
The myth that slot machines can become “hot” after a certain number of spins is now fully debunked. Each new spin is absolutely random and has no relation to previous attempts. A software algorithm is unpredictable, and payments happen at a pre-programmed rate.

Don’t believe rumours, your chances are always the same.

15. Games that advertise progressive jackpots pay less
Large numbers make people think they can make a fortune. A huge jackpot works like a magnet, but the reality is that these machines pay even less than regular ones. They take some money from each spin to feed the jackpot, thus lowering the overall probability of winning.

final words
The secrets that casinos keep don’t seem complicated, and even an average person can figure out what to do to avoid serious misfortune while partying at a casino. Play with pleasure and don’t let the casino lights dazzle you, with this knowledge you can beat the house easily!

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